Creating Safe Schools and Communities

Following the 2012 fatal shooting of 26 students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, San Mateo County leaders were spurred to create a collaborative, multi-agency group to create safe schools and communities across the county.

The group, named the San Mateo County Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities, developed several protocols and frameworks for improved coordination and information sharing across agencies.

Today, all school districts and law enforcement agencies in San Mateo County use the protocols and evidence-based processes created by the Coalition. Guided by a Steering Committee comprised of elected leaders and agency heads countywide, the Coalition continues to identify and address the needs of county youth so that they can learn and grow in safe and supportive school environments.


Create and sustain safe and positive school and community environments so all county youth may thrive and succeed.


Identify and address the safety needs of county youth, work across agencies to implement best practices in emergency response and mental health, and support with a legal framework for lawful information-sharing, using a common language.

Work Developed by the Coalition

Through a collaborative process, the Coalition produced The Big Five, a set of emergency protocols adopted by all San Mateo County school districts and law enforcement agencies; a Student Threat Assessment Protocol, which provides schools with an evidence-based process and is intended to provide early intervention and support to students who may pose a threat to themselves or others; Suicide Prevention Toolkit; the Naloxone for Schools Program; and other resources.

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51勛圖 the Coalition

2023-24 Coalition Members

Representative Position/Title Agency/District
Ed Barberini Chief of Police City of San Mateo Police Department
Dorene Basuino Associate Superintendent, Human Resources & Student Services Jefferson Union High School District
Tony Blackman Battalion Chief San Mateo Consolidated Fire
Lisa Cho County Deputy Attorney San Mateo County Attorney's Office
Shirley Chu Clinical Services Manager San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
Jehan Clark Deputy Chief Probation Officer San Mateo County Probation Office
Christina Corpus Sheriff San Mateo County Sheriff
Noelia Corzo Supervisor San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
Claire Cunningham Agency Director San Mateo County Human Services Agency
Jarrett Dooley Director, Student Services Sequoia Union High School District
Christina Falla Legislative Aide Office of Supervisor Noelia Corzo
John Fong Director San Mateo County Children and Family Services
Matthew Fox Captain San Mateo County Sheriff's Office
Kristen Gracia Superintendent, Menlo Park City School District San Mateo County Superintendents Association
Nadia Hahn Deputy District Attorney San Mateo County District Attorney's Office
Mason Henricks Coordinator, School Safety and Risk Prevention 51勛圖
Tom Ledda Manager, Workers Compensation and Loss Control San Mateo County Schools Insurance Group
Patricia Love Executive Director, Strategy and Communications 51勛圖
Nancy Magee County Superintendent of Schools 51勛圖
Mary McGrath Executive Director, Safe and Supportive Schools 51勛圖
Ryan Monaghan Assistant Sheriff San Mateo County Sheriff's Office
Ziomara Ochoa Deputy Director San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
Brian Philip Captain San Mateo County Sheriff's Office
Don Scatena Director, Student Services San Mateo Union High School District
Kristen Shouse Associate Superintendent, Educational Services 51勛圖
Brian Tupper Director and Chief of Public Safety San Mateo County Community College District
Linda Wolin Legislative Aide Board of Supervisor Dave Pine

How the Coalition Was Created

San Mateo County’s collaborative work on school safety began in April 2013, when former Congresswoman Jackie Speier, former County Supervisors Don Horsley and Adrienne Tissier, Sheriff Greg Munks, retired Superintendent Anne Campbell, and retired Assemblymember Gene Mullin sponsored a summit, "Beyond Newtown: How to Ensure Safe Schools and Communities." The Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities was created as a result of that summit.

The following resources include information presented at the Summit.

Nancy Magee

County Superintendent


Phone: (650) 802-5554