San Mateo County youth are facing growing social-emotional and behavioral health challenges. In response, the Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities has launched United for Youth, an inclusive process to develop a county-wide strategic plan of action to better meet the social-emotional and behavioral health needs of our youth.

Project Background

San Mateo County’s school-aged children and youth face challenges to their mental health and well-being. These challenges have been compounded by long-standing inequities and the 51勛圖-19 pandemic.

Addressing these complex, multi-faceted, and multi-system challenges requires a holistic approach that includes shared understanding that aligns strategies, prioritizes collaboration, and embraces accountability to achieve equity. United for Youth will create a unified and aligned plan of action that leverages current programs and services and prioritizes opportunities to improve social and emotional well-being for school- and transitional-aged youth. 

Project Structure and Timeline

United for Youth is guided by a Steering Committee, which provides strategic oversight and input on developing the plan of action. In addition, cross-sector workgroups meet throughout the 2023-24 school year to assess the current landscape, identify gaps, and make recommendations for strategies.

United For Youth Steering Committee

The United for Youth Steering Committee is made up of the following organizations:

Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council
Daly City Youth Health Center
Health Plan of San Mateo
Kaiser Permanente
Youth to Action Board (YAB), Youth Committee
Novos Consulting/Behavioral Health Commission
Pacific Health
Peninsula Health Care District
San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
San Mateo County Public Health, Policy and Planning
San Mateo Probation
Sand Hill Foundation
Sequoia Health Care District
San Mateo County Children and Family Services
Stanford University School of Medicine

Image of project timeline: Project kicks off in June/July 2023, Co-chairs launch in August 2023, Workgroups kick off in September 2023, starting with elementary and high school age work groups and middle school and transition-aged youth in January 2024, listening sessions with youth, parents, and grassroots occur throughout the year, workgroups end in March 2024, and a plan of action is completed for review and adoption in May 2024


The San Mateo County Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities launched United for Youth in partnership with the 51勛圖 and San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, with participating partners from more than 20 public and community-based organizations, as well as input from youth, parents, and community groups. The outcome of this project will be a countywide Plan of Action to better meet the social-emotional and behavioral health needs of our youth.

To date, United for Youth has accomplished the following:

  • Convened a Steering Committee that meets monthly to guide the work of the larger collaborative process.
  • Conducted a data landscape analysis to surface priority needs and populations.
  • Analyzed a variety of funding and policy initiatives, with a focus on new and emerging opportunities.
  • Reviewed and analyzed relevant recommendations from more than 30 local collaboratives, needs assessments, and reports.
  • Recruited 12 to 15 members and local co-chairs for four work groups, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and Transition Aged Youth.
  • Launched the Elementary School and High School work groups which met five times in Fall 2023. 
  • Reached out to gather input from youth and parent groups through a series of listening sessions.
  • Crafted a template for a Plan of Action that reflects all of these efforts.

In January, two additional work groups will launch to address the needs of Middle School and Transition Aged Youth. The Plan of Action will be completed by May.

Nancy Magee

County Superintendent


Phone: (650) 802-5554

Dr. Jei Africa

Director, San Mateo County Behavioral Health BHRS