Art Showcase for San Mateo County Students Grades TK-12

Calling all young artists, grades TK-12!

Express your creativity! Celebrate the rich history of Juneteenth through the power of art. We invite you to participate in our Juneteenth Art showcase with the theme "From Resilience to Joy: Celebrating the Journey to Freedom."

Prompt: Create an artwork that captures the essence of Juneteenth, highlighting the journey towards freedom, the strength of the Black community, and the significance of this historical moment. Your piece should reflect the joy, resilience, and unity that characterize the Juneteenth celebration. Use your artistic skills to convey the emotions and stories associated with this important day in American history.

Visual Art:

  • Choose any visual art medium that inspires you - painting, drawing, mixed media, etc. (no use of AI please)
  • Use colors, symbols, and imagery that represent the spirit of Juneteenth, emphasizing themes of liberation, resilience, and unity.
  • Your artwork should tell a compelling story, capturing the joy and empowerment of Juneteenth.

Poetry/Spoken Word:

  • Craft a poem or spoken word piece that delves into the emotions and stories connected to Juneteenth.
  • Explore themes of freedom, triumph over adversity, and the collective strength of the Black community.
  • Infuse your work with positivity and celebration, inviting listeners and readers to connect with the significance of Juneteenth. 
  • No use of Chatgpt or AI, please.

Allison Gamlen

Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator


Phone: 650.802.5335

Niambi Clay

Executive Director, Equity, Social Justice, and Inclusion


Phone: 650.802.5553