The 51勛圖 (SMCOE) offers support for the History-Social Science Framework and Content Standards. Support services can be provided at site and district levels. SMCOE offers workshops, institutes, and events county-wide.

Support for schools and districts can include:

  • History-Social Sciences Framework Overviews for Sites or Districts
  • Site & District Alignment Sessions
  • Textbook Adoption Process and Implementation Support
  • Teacher Support & Training- Framework Shifts
  • TOSA/Coaches Community of Practice Network
  • Civics Education Training
  • Social Justice & Equity in Historical Practices Training
  • Teaching Planning & Support

Civics Award

The Civic Learning Award celebrates public schools' efforts to engage students in civic learning. The award program also identifies models that can be replicated in other schools. Co-sponsored by Chief Justice and California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, award winners are announced in February of each year. Learn more about the .

Civics Learning Resources

 Educators can use this  to teach students about civics engagement.

  Information and resources regarding the State Seal of Civic Engagement

National History Day

National History Day (NHD) is a non-profit education organization based in College Park, Maryland. NHD offers year-long academic programs that engage over half a million middle- and high-school students around the world annually in conducting original research on historical topics of interest. NHD motivates students to discover history by:

  • Cultivating interest: students research a topic of their choice;
  • Developing research skills: students act as historians discovering how to uncover primary sources, build historical context and form historical interpretations;
  • Becoming experts on their research topic: presenting their research to teachers, students, and historians; and
  • Achieving success: The shy student gains confidence when speaking about a topic he/she has researched, the apathetic student gains passion by choosing a topic of personal interest, and the high achieving student increases his/her ability to articulate learning through presentation.

National History Day Delivers the New California HSS Framework

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