Inspire Young Hearts and Minds.
Make a Profound Impact on the Next Generation!

Begin your career in early education to shape the future –
one child at a time.

Interested in a Career in Early Education?

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What is Early Childhood Education (ECE)?

Early Childhood Education (ECE) is the formal and informal educational programs, approaches, and activities designed for young children from birth to around 8 years of age.

This crucial stage of a child's development is considered the foundation for their future learning and growth. Early childhood educators play a vital role in nurturing and facilitating the development of children during this critical period.

BENEFITS to a Career in ECE:

  • IMPACT children and your community

  • PATHWAYS for advancement


  • REDUCED child care cost

  • OPPORTUNITY to grow your own business

  • PREDICTABLE daytime work schedules

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Start Your Career in ECE:

  • Many ENTRY-LEVEL positions require no previous education to get started.
  • Through both experience with young children and education in ECE, the many pathways and opportunities to GROW your career are waiting for YOU!

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Explore Careers in Early Childhood Education

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Supportive Career Advancement Resources

There are many professional development, business development, career assistance, and higher education programs in the Bay Area to assist you in advancing your career. Click on the images below to open up the resource documents and learn about each program and opportunity.

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