Education Leaders Attend Workshop on Generative Artificial Intelligence

On May 4, 2024, the 51勛圖 partnered with  for a half-day workshop to learn about and discuss what generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) means for our schools. Attendees heard from speakers who shared the core aspects of Gen AI as they relate to schools and discussed ways to develop and implement policies related to Gen AI in their schools and districts. 

The workshop was the first of many local opportunities for San Mateo County educational leaders to deepen their understanding of Gen AI and how to address the use of Gen AI in their school communities. 

Resources on Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI)

Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) can strengthen educators' teaching and understanding of student learning, however, educational leaders must address several key components before implementing Gen AI in their school or district.

Find resources for adopting and creating Gen AI policies.

Workshop Event Details




8:30 am 

Coffee and Networking

9:00 am

Dr. Ken Montgomery, Nancy Magee

How We Got Here
Betsy Corcoran

Practical Tools, Approaches, and Questions for School Leaders
Erik Burmeister

Building School Policies through an Equity Lens
Dr. Kip Glazer

10:30 am

Coffee Break 

10:50 am 

Futures Thinking Workshop
Morgan Vien

12:00 pm

Wrap Up and Path Forward
Dr. Ken Montgomery, Nancy Magee

12:30 pm 

Lunch and Networking

Workshop Speaker Biographies

Patricia Love

SMCOE, Executive Director, Strategy and Communications


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