Celebrate the Lives and Stories of San Mateo County Students!

Artwork made by Shawn Abongan, Jefferson High SchoolThe Art on the Walls gallery is a new semi-permanent art show at the 51勛圖. It showcases art pieces created by K-12th grade students under the theme of "Student Voice," highlighting their perspectives and how they make meaning of the world around them.

Pieces included in the gallery were juried by a team of student judges working alongside arts leaders and County Office of Education staff.


Legacy of Dick Sperisen

For more than 20 years, coordinator emeritus for art education and school design Dick Sperisen brought student art to the hallways of the 51勛圖 through the county's High School Artists Hall of Fame. This art exhibit displayed 192 works of art created by local high school students celebrating the California landscape.

Through the new gallery featuring artwork on "Student Voice," the County Office of Education is continuing Dick Sperisen's legacy while celebrating the perspectives and creative expression of students today. Each art piece previously displayed at the County Office of Education has been photographed and returned to the original schools attended by each artist.

Images of the California landscape

Allison Gamlen

Coordinator, Visual and Performing Arts

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Administrative Assistant

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