Post Outdoor Education Parent Survey

Parents, please complete the after your child returns from the Outdoor Education Program. We use the information that you provide to help us check how we are doing and to improve our program for future students.

Activities After Outdoor Education

Outdoor and environmental education doesn't happen only while you are at Outdoor Education. Many resources can inspire you to explore the environment around your home or at school. The websites listed below offer lots of activities that you can do at home to continue learning, investigating, and discovering the mysteries and magic of nature. The websites are full of fun and interesting facts about animals, water, global warming, recycling, composting, weather, and more. Check out any or all of these links before and after your week at Outdoor Education.

  •  (Click on "Environment" for lots of links)
  •  (Great links and information on all subjects)

Allison Collins

Director, Outdoor Environmental Education


Phone: (650) 747-9581

Jonathan Harris

Manager, Outdoor Education


Phone: (650) 747-0414

Amanda Lee

Administrative Assistant, Outdoor Education Information and Registration


Phone: (650) 802-5360